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Refer a Friend Today!

Loggerhead Fitness depends on member referrals as our #1 source for new members.  Instead of spending thousands of dollars on print advertising and direct mail, we prefer to invest our marketing dollars into people. Download your referral form here. When you refer your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers you can earn awesome rewards including free

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Meet Jeff Kallet

Jeff Kallet Loggerhead Fitness Graphic Designer LHF: Hello Jeff and welcome! Can you tell me a little bit about your background? Jeff Kallet: I Grew up in Oneida, New York. Small town. Technically, barely a city in upstate New York, central New York. Went to high school there. Went to Ithaca College for art. I graduated from

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Yoga at Loggerhead Fitness

This month we feature Yoga.  Did you know that we have 11 Yoga classes to choose from each week?  Actually it is 12 if you include Chair Yoga offered on Thursday at 1:30pm for our over 60 members. We have Yoga for beginners and Yoga for intermediate and advanced students.  Learn how to de-stress and

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Personal & Small Group Training – COUPONS!

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Massage & Skincare Specials – COUPONS!

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Why do we use Chips?

Over the last year, we have had some push back on our Group X check-in system.  We hear the complaints, “Why do I need to check in?”, “Chips are stupid!”, “Why does the door to the room have to stay locked?” We have heard it all and we understand your frustration.  In an attempt to

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Meet John Baker

John Baker Loggerhead Fitness Front Desk Manager LHF: Hello John and welcome! Can you just tell me a little bit about your background? John: I grew up in Missouri and I lived there until I was twenty-one when I decided to make a change. I bought a one-way plane ticket to Dallas. I worked there

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Group X news – January 2017

January has brought in change.  We say hello to new instructors and farewell to a long time one. Lisa Hyman had been teaching at Loggerhead Fitness for the past nine years.  She retired this month, we lose a professional and friend.  Scroll down to see photos of her farewell party. Lisa vacated seven classes ranging

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Meet Cindy Gilbert

Meet Loggerhead Fitness member Cindy Gilbert and her trainer Tom Fallone.  Since joining the gym in Feb, 2016, she has lost 60 pounds. We sat down with her for a few minutes and asked her about her experience working out with us. LHF: Hello Cindy, thank you for being the subject of this month’s spotlight! Cindy: Thanks!

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Meet Cindi Brown

Meet Loggerhead Fitness member Cindi Brown and her trainer Deb Borger.  Cindi recently lost over 30 pounds and talks about her experience in this month's human spotlight. LHF: Hello Cindi and welcome! Can you tell me a little bit about your background, what brought you to Florida, or have you lived here your whole life?

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