Group X news – January 2017

January has brought in change.  We say hello to new instructors and farewell to a long time one. Lisa Hyman had been teaching at Loggerhead Fitness for the past nine years.  She retired this month, we lose a professional and friend.  Scroll down to see photos of her farewell party. Lisa vacated seven classes ranging

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Group X news – November 2016

As Season settles in we have tweaked our Group X schedule to make room for new classes. We have also worked the start times and days for other classes to make sure we can continue to provide a robust and diverse menu from which to pick. The class schedule can be found online (click here)

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Group X news – September 2016

Our Group X program continues to grow.  We are introducing new instructors and new programming.  Be sure to download our Group X schedule and stay tuned for changes to take place starting in October. If you are not familiar with all we have to offer, CLICK HERE to view our Group X videos.  You can even

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The Why Behind Squats and Lunges

Squats and lunges are two of the most well known leg exercises. Yet many people, left to their own devices, will skip them. Why? Because they're hard. They require a lot of effort, but that's also why they are so important. Bonus Benefits of Lower Body Exercises Great Abs. Squats work your core harder than

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Group X news – Summer Schedule

Group X News.  Get ready for summer schedule changes. In the spirit of keeping things fresh we have some instructor news and changes in our schedule to announce.  Changes go into effect starting Wednesday, June 1st. Noah Roman is now instructing the Boxing Circuit class Monday at 9am.  Noah is our most sought after personal

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I have found what I love to do!

We are at the tail end of what we call “season” here at Loggerhead Fitness and what a season it has been!  The gym has been full of hustle and bustle since November.  The Group X room, especially, has been filled to the brim with eager exercise enthusiasts. Now, as we look to close out

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What is your personal goal for exercise?

Motivation March What is your personal goal for exercise? If you've never thought about that question take a moment to consider. Here are three simple goals to keep in mind: healthy aging, molding your body to what YOU want it to be, and staying injury free. Your fitness journey is about you, not about what

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Group cycle burns calories and is fun!

At Loggerhead Fitness, we staff four certified cycling instructors: CJ Eaton, Suzanne Ion, Steve Marineau, and newly added Jenya Scott.  Each instructor adds his or her own “spin” to our Group Cycle classes. Each week we offer seven Group Cycle classes that have 12 bikes. With that many classes there are sure to be some

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The Why Behind Kettlebells

Critics of the kettlebell dismiss it as a fleeting fad, but kettlebells aren't just a fad. They offer a distinct advantage over other training tools. I have to admit, I was once one of those critics. Sure, I thought kettlebells were great to use as a weight that I could hold while squatting or lunging,

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No matter our age, it is vital that we keep moving

As the Group X Director for Loggerhead Fitness, I’m thankful to teach a variety of different formats. For me, different formats force me to stay current with the best fitness techniques on the market. I’m always ready for new challenges. I also love teaching different formats because I get to know so many members of

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