The Why Behind Squats and Lunges

Squats and lunges are two of the most well known leg exercises. Yet many people, left to their own devices, will skip them. Why? Because they're hard. They require a lot of effort, but that's also why they are so important. Bonus Benefits of Lower Body Exercises Great Abs. Squats work your core harder than

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The Why Behind Kettlebells

Critics of the kettlebell dismiss it as a fleeting fad, but kettlebells aren't just a fad. They offer a distinct advantage over other training tools. I have to admit, I was once one of those critics. Sure, I thought kettlebells were great to use as a weight that I could hold while squatting or lunging,

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Julie’s Top 5 Exercises

These days there are so many new exercises and new pieces of equipment in the gym. I love innovative new exercises, but the old standbys are still among my favorite.  Here are my top 5: #1 Plank My #1 exercise is the plank. Why? The plank is a full-body exercise that focuses on the core. If

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The Importance of Core Training

"Core" has become a major buzzword in fitness these days. Why? Because your core is involved in virtually every movement you make. Core training isn't just about a six pack. In fact, your core extends far beyond your abdominal muscles and includes everything except your limbs. These muscles provide support for your entire back and spinal column

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How Often Should You Exercise?

We all know that exercise is important and provides countless health benefits, but how much exercise do we need to stay healthy and see improvement in our physical conditions? The health consequences of sitting are shocking, and most Americans sit a lot so it's immensely important that we follow a regular exercise routine to counteract

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The Benefits of Small Group Training

Small Group Training (SGT) is one of the hottest trends in fitness right now. Why? The most basic reason is that participants are achieving amazing results while training with great groups of people! While some people are self motivated and can achieve their desired fitness results on their own, most people won't achieve the results they want

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The New School Gym

Remember the days when gyms were sweatshops filled with metal dumbbells and barbells, when gyms were dirty, dark, and reeked of body odor? Only the most avid weightlifters were willing to set foot in the gyms of the past. The modern gym shows little resemblance to its predecessor. Today gyms are clean, well lit and

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