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Yoga Classes

Yoga Schedule

Loggerhead Fitness voted Palm Beach County’s #1 health and fitness club two years in a row offers yoga classes including yoga for beginners and yoga for seniors in the Juno Beach, Jupiter, and North Palm Beach communities.

Yoga is the world’s oldest science of physical and mental development. It consists of stretching postures and breathing exercises. Yoga calms the nerves, increases vitality, improves circulation, slims and firms the figure, and stimulates vital organs and glands. The breathing technique of yoga will relax your entire nervous system, improve sleep, relieve deep tension, and make you resistant to respiratory ailments such as the common cold.

We have three levels of classes at Loggerhead Fitness and all are filled with inspiring music and taught by nurturing teachers who empower students to listen to their own inner wisdom.

The beginner class creates an atmosphere of safety and comfort while stretching and toning your body, relaxing your mind and energizing your spirit.

The intermediate class builds upon your knowledge of the foundations of yoga. Standing poses, forward bends, twists and balances are emphasized ending with pranayama and meditation.

The advanced class refines and deepens your knowledge of the asanas. Shoulder stand, head stand and back bends are introduced.

Whatever your level of flexibility or fitness, we’ll find a class that suits your abilities and ambitions.

Please call us at 561.625.3011 for information or come for a visit! We’d love to see you.


Nicole Sedito - Yoga Instructor

Certifications: HATHA Yoga.

Nicole has been practicing and teaching Yoga since 1973 in New York and Florida. She has been teaching at Loggerhead Fitness since 2005. She is certified through the Yoga Teachers Alliance. She also teaches country line.

Marika Stone - Yoga Instructor

Certifications: Krialu Yoga & Thai Yoga Bodywork.

Markia has been a yoga instructor since 1998 and practitioner for eleven years. She is committed to helping people embrace yoga as a regular part of their lives.

C.J. Eaton - Group X - Cycle & Yoga & Pump

Certifications: AFAA.

CJ has been an instructor for over 31 years, 20 of them at Loggerhead. She teaches Group Cycle, Cardio Fitness and Yoga classes. She is a registered nurse specializing in women’s and children’s healthcare.

Elizabeth Bond - Yoga Instructor

Elizabeth has been practicing yoga for 9 years and teaching in the Jupiter area for three. She feels blessed to share these healing practices with the community. Her aim is to help students feel comfortable and confident in their own bodies by improving their physical, mental, and emotional states both on and off the yoga mat.

Heidi Hendrix - Group X / Personal Trainer

Certifications include: Personal Training / Sports Nutrition & Body Composition / Lifestyle & Behavioral Coaching / Fitness BOOTCAMP / Group Exercise / ZUMBA / ZUMBA TONING / Pilates. Heidi began teaching fitness back in 1986 as a dance instructor. Today she works as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She enjoys encouraging individuals to take charge of their responsibility for their health and wellness and it inspires her to do the same.

Chris Eliades - Yoga Instructor

Chris’ knowledge and compassion for Yoga challenges the strength & flexibility of both the body and mind. He works closely with his students offering a “hands on” approach to proper alignment and adjustments when necessary. Chris’ personal philosophy in life is P.eace L.ove A.warness Y.oga

Marianne Baum - Group X / Yoga

Marianne Baum was always involved in and liked dancing, aerobics and fitness, but when in 2011 she developed a regular yoga practice, she knew she had found a passion for life. Where dance brought her joy, aerobics increased her stamina and fitness had strengthened her, the practice of yoga brought about all three and more. It took her to a deeper level. She immediately knew it was her destiny to share her passion for yoga with others. Within one year she became certified in both Kali Natha Yoga and Hatha Yoga and has been teaching ever since with much passion and joy. While teaching, Marianne mixes different styles that benefit most with a strong emphasis on breathing techniques. She believes that if the whole world practiced yoga, the world would live in peace.

Amanda Bolk - Group X / Yoga

Amanda is a certified yoga teacher and licensed massage therapist, who has been practicing yoga since 2005 and teaching since 2013. She specializes in demystifying the alignment of yoga postures to bring students into the fully beneficial expression of each pose. With a bachelor’s degree in psychology, she believes that yoga is therapy. It gives your mind and your body a break from that which is harmful in your life and restores a sense of clarity and renewal to both. An advocate of holistic healthcare, she is also a dedicated practitioner of Vedic Thai Massage, an ancient form of bodywork that heals the body, mind and spirit through assisted stretching and compression massage along energy pathways: a true prescription for peace and healing.

Kelsey Lindeman - Group X - Yoga

Kelsey is a certified yoga instructor and a Registered Nurse. She has been practicing yoga for 10 years and has felt many benefits from practicing mindfulness and movement. Her intention is to help people relax, either through the feeling of ease after hard work, or through stillness, calm and releasing tension by stretching. She believes that the more relaxed we are, the more of ourselves we can bring to the present moment. She cares about making yoga accessible to all body types and levels.