Welcome to Small Group Training at Loggerhead Fitness.

Why SGT?

Finding the right Fitness Program is the key to weight loss, strength gains and overall better health. For many the motivation to exercise Is increased in a group setting with friends and peers. Add to this private 1.1 instruction and you have a recipe for success!

What to expect?

A 50 minute class instructed by a certified personal trainer. A limit of eight people per class. An organized efficient work out that will maximize your time so you receive, RESULTS, MOTIVATION and especially FUN!

How to participate?

Open enrollment for SGT classes happens every six weeks. Fill out the form on the right and let us know which class(es) you’r interested in. Our upcoming schedule is posted below.

How much?

Each class will run two (2) times per week for six (6) weeks. You will have the support of your friends and your trainer to keep you motivated. The member rate is $15 per class. SGT is open to members and non-members.

SGT – Three Levels, I, II, III

We recognize that not everyone has the same level of fitness. We have three levels of Small Group Training at Loggerhead Fitness to accommodate your unique level of fitness:

Level 1 – Lower intensity training designed for novice individuals to help preserve the body by strengthening all muscle groups through functional training, balance, engaging stabilizing muscles and all over fitness. Training will help to prevent injury and allow you to perform daily tasks.
[Caloric Burn – 300 to 500 calories]

Level 2 – Medium intensity training designed for intermediate athletes. Training on this level will help prepare you for low impact sports by strengthening muscles through core, balance and strength training.
[Caloric Burn – 400 to 600 calories]

Level 3 – High intensity functional fitness workouts designed for advanced athletes and fitness enthusiasts. These workouts are designed to make you fitter, faster and stronger through full-body strength training.
[Caloric Burn -500 to 1000]

Learn More about each level:


Fall 2019 SCHEDULE:

Session Start: Monday, October 7th
Session End: Sunday, November 17th

Level I. – Instructor – Mike Dukes
Mon & Wed – 12:30 pm
Tue & Thu – 01:30 pm (tentative)

Level II. – Instructor – Julie Johnson
Tue & Thu – 6:00 am
Tue & Thu – 5:45 pm

Level III. – Instructor – Julie Johnson
Fri 12:30 pm *
Sat 10:00 am *

* Special Level III class taught every Friday at 12:30 pm and Saturday at 10 am. This is a same day sign up class – Call to reserve your spot – limit 8 per class.

Low to Moderate intensity. Improve balance, posture, strength.

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Moderate to high intensity class focusing on building core strength, balance, agility and aerobic endurance.

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High intensity class comprising of functional movements and plyometrics that will push your body to the next level.

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