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Small Group Training – Level II.

Target Areas: Full-Body Strength, Agility and Stability

Medium intensity training designed for intermediate athletes.  Training on this level will help prepare you for low impact sports by strengthening muscles through core, balance and strength training. [Caloric Burn: 300 to 500 calories]

Improve strength, agility and stability through core focused functional training.  This class will consist of moderate to high intensity circuit training in which each exercise is performed for 45 seconds.  Circuits include 6-8 exercises and rest breaks are taken after completion of each circuit. Modifications are always available to fit each individual’s fitness level.  Safety is of primary concern, and participants will never be asked to continue an exercise if form breaks down or the exercise becomes painful.  Improve your overall fitness level with SGT Level 2.


  • Improved functional fitness level for participation in sports and daily activities
  •  Improved core strength
  •  Balanced training routine to keep you fit for life
  •  Injury prevention
  •  Improved confidence

How to participate?

Use the form on this page. Sign up and let us know you are interested in Small Group Training, Level 2.

Instructor – Julie Johnson

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The Breakdown

Duration 50 minutes
Workout Moderate to High  Intensity / Functional / Balance / Power
Results Improve your balance and strength.  Emphasis placed on core and cardio
Calories Expect to burn between 300 and 500 calories per workout.